The Blue Foot Engineering Story

Blue Foot Engineering began as a serendipitous meeting between Co-Founders, Amanda Haffey and Genah Burditt, both of whom already owned small engineering companies and were looking to gain more traction in the industry. As time progressed Haffey and Burditt found that there were many highly specialized engineers in a similar circumstance. Blue Foot Engineering was born to bring together industry leaders, in their specialized fields, to provide niche services to companies that need them. Not only can Blue Foot provide unique expertise to companies needing short-term analysis or development work, Blue Foot can also bring together a team of industry experts to collaborate on larger projects.

Blue Foot Engineering was named after the Blue Footed Booby. The Booby is a rare, colony dwelling bird. The name pays homage to the uniqueness of our engineers and also the collaborative environment.

Our Expertise

As the paradigm of the aerospace industry is changing, with a larger share of the industry being led by privatized innovation, it is also changing how companies bring in the most qualified engineering talent to propel those designs. Blue Foot Engineering provides highly specialized, niche engineering capabilities for companies with a focused vision that may not require full time staff in these unique competencies but require the highest level of acumen and proficiency for the competitive market.

The Blue Foot Engineering network is hand-selected to ensure that the technical experience level is of the highest caliber. Because of experience level with new concept development, ability to integrate into a team quickly, means the addition of a Blue Foot engineer or scientist increases the velocity and efficiency of your project.

Each Blue Foot engineer has a notable career in his/her respective field. The Blue Foot network boasts hundreds of patents and publications. All members operate with the upmost engineering ethics and is selected for his/her wide array of experience and technical education in the field.

Though the primary industry for the Blue Foot Engineering network is Aerospace our specialists have a broad resume of work in biomedical, consumer electronics, academia, and alternative energy.

A decision to utilize Blue Foot allows your company the agility and economy to compete in the innovation market while still having access to the best talent needed for your designs.

Leadership Team

Amanda Haffey

Amanda Haffey

Amanda Haffey has dedicated her life to the aerospace industry ever since she found her passion for aircraft and spacecraft as a child. She is an aerospace engineer, pilot, and mechanic utilizing her skills in all areas of development.

Amanda Haffey is a Certified Reliability Engineer and has 15+ years in most all facets of the aerospace industry working almost exclusively in the conceptual design to prototype testing phases of development. With undergraduate education at Purdue University and a graduate degree from USC Viterbi school of Engineering she has extensive work in Aerospace, System Architecture Design and Applied Statistics.

Amanda founded Haffey Engineering, a reliability engineering consulting firm to bring her unique skills to small businesses and then realized that co-founding Blue Foot Engineering could do the same to other specialized engineers like herself.

Amanda’s nimble skills in concept design and prototype development allow her to see how the right highly experienced engineers can transform a development program.

Her goal for Blue Foot is to give entrepreneurial aerospace companies access to highly qualified specialized engineering to make their inventive ideas a reality.

Genah Murphy Burditt

Genah Murphy Burditt

Genah M. Burditt, a graduate of UC Santa Barbara in Aquatic Biology, is a lifelong educator and scientist, turned entrepreneur. After many years contributing to the nonprofit community (Natural Resource Conservation Service, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, US Forest Service) as an educator and program manager; and, co-founding a business in a small mountain community, Burditt returned to the Colorado Front Range and commenced a new pursuit, one that capitalized on these experiences, and, which would create a family legacy.

In 2013 Burditt joined her father, Gerry Murphy, an aerospace veteran, to take EyasSat Desktop Satellite Simulators to the next level, developing new product lines and a global customer base. These simulators, think drone spacecraft, are one of a kind in the world. They are used for education/professional development commercially, in academia, and for government entities. Burditt and her team assemble these units in EyasSat’s lab on the Metro State University of Denver’s campus. In addition to managing assembly, integration, testing, sales and customer training, Burditt also manages and contributes to R & D for new generations, products, and test beds.

After spending several years getting to know the local and global aerospace communities, Burditt, like Haffey, began to observe a fissure in the industry between independent, highly skilled and specialized engineers and the customers who need their skill sets. A fissure that no existing organization seemed to be closing.

Burditt’s goal for Blue Foot Engineering is to advocate for small aerospace companies and vetted specialists while creating the richest network of talent in the industry and making it visible and accessible to the end customer.